The Year of Change

This year has been one filled with a lot of changes to my life.  First off I got laid off from my job back in April.  Don’t worry I ended up getting rehired a short time later.  With that happening I have been thinking a lot about what I want to do in my life both socially and professionally.

It has been said that I don’t always act bold.  That is one that I have been working on.  I think that I am wise enough to make some big decisions in my life that will be beneficial and not destructive.  I feel that I have some pretty good instincts.  It’s about time I listen to them.  I need to listen to them both professionally and personally.

I have learned my lesson when it comes to no making moves in my life that my gut feels is the right choice.


What I have been noticing in my daily life more recently is that there are those who are looking very hard for their life partners.  I wonder why are some people looking very hard for a life partner and what will they sacrifice.  When I mean scarified will they sacrifice their own standards including love.  I have even had those looking very hard confront me.

What I will say is that I have waited this long to fall in lover so I will wait a while longer to find it.  Living a happy life is very important to me so I won’t sacrifice it for worries of being alone.  I think that if you give up on such things as love your life will end up being unhappy.  My answer to anyone who want’s to use me including friends to be with me only to not be alone to please look elsewhere.

Love is the most important thing and I won’t settle down for anything else than that.  I was recently asked by a beautiful woman would you be with me even though I have problems.  My answer was yes.  It’s no sacrifice to be with the one you love because things might not be perfect.  Life never is perfect.

Living Life


For the past few years I have been preoccupied with my career.  For a while it was in stagnation due to a bad economy.  In the past year things have changed.  My career is now on track.

What I do regret is that I didn’t enjoy life in the way I think I should have.  I let a few things slip away and I didn’t enjoy what was going on around me.  I am happy to say that has all changed.  Our jobs aren’t our life.  It’s what goes on outside of that which is what our life is all about.

I am on a journey now to find out who I am now and what I want to do.  I can’t undo the past few years but I can make today and tomorrow better.

Why I feel like the year 2014 is a lot like the year 2000

Some maybe asking why I am thinking that the year 2014 is a lot like the year 2000.  For me the year 2000 represented a coming of age for me and figuring out who I am.  Back in 2000 I joined the Navy Reserve which lead to seven years of interesting adventures.  Also during that year I started working for Kolar Systems International which lead me to figuring out what I want to with my career.  Also more importantly I came to terms with the darker portion of my past and being the true me.

This year represents the next phase of my life.   Professionally I feel like I am coming out of the recession that has both professionally and financially hurt most of us.  My career after over three years of work with not much progress is now on track.  My options for moving forward are now here instead of just beyond my reach.

Also I feel that my personal life is on it’s way back to being on track as well.  Of course my career stagnation affected the rest of my life.  Being stuck isn’t fun and hurt me a lot emotionally.  Not what my career is moving forward I can concentrate more on the rest of my life.  There are some new things about me I still need to figure out but that’s something I am looking forward to.

One thing that is difficult is fixing the damage that remains and cutting away what has held me back.  That of course is also on track which means it’s time to start rebuilding.

Forgiveness and Trust

I was recently contacted by an ex-girlfriend that I haven’t talked to for about two years now.  Since I am stating that I haven’t talked to her in two years you can see that it didn’t end well.  It ended after a series of arguments that I will say that are both of our faults.

The email was an apology for what happened in the past.  It also stated that your not obligated to respond but from her writing she was open to a response.  Of course I responded and I told her what I was sorry for in regards to how things ended.

There was some response from her and in particular asking me to explain what I meant by one of my statements.  I explained myself and that was that.  I did say that I wanted to have a pleasant no stress conversation with her and that outside of that I have no expectations or promises.

I stated this for a very important reason.  Even though I do forgive her trust doesn’t come easy.  What happens when relations are cut off between two people is that trust is either severely damaged for destroyed.  To me trust is very important and not freely given.  For real reconciliation to happen is that the issue of trust needs to be dealt with and that takes time.

The response I was given after hinting this was rude of course.  She has been know to draw conclusions quickly without all the facts and getting angry quickly.  Communication does seem to have ended and for me just as well.  I do wish her good luck in reconciling her past.  What she needs to learn that it does take more than stating she is sorry to succeed in it.

A Step in the Right Direction

I recently left a job that was taking me away from my career goals.  It didn’t make me happy and everyday that I went in there I felt that it was a waste of time.  I didn’t give up on my career goals and I am getting ready to start a project that puts me back on track with my career.  I will enjoy going in everyday and both the skills I will be learning and the interactions with my co-workers will be beneficial.

One thing that bothers is how a career can affect your personal life.  It’s truly sad that our need for money has slaved us to our careers.  Our careers do help provide us with what we need to enjoy life but some would think that society would find a better way.  I enjoy the sophistication of the modern world but sometimes I wish that enjoying life would come easier.  Maybe being single is my problem.  Who knows.

What I plan on doing from here on out is to try to enjoy the simple things in life more.

The Wrong Job

Late last year I took what was advertised as a entry level technical support job for a major company.  The promise was that it would quickly help me advance into a much greater role.  I have recently found out that the position isn’t as advertised.

The first thing I found out through career counseling is that this position wouldn’t help me get into a bigger IT role.  Also that I would have to relocated about 2000 miles for the position and that the waiting list is a few years.

The other thing I have found is that they don’t need or want IT types in the position.  They don’t want anybody with analytical skills in the position.  All the want is people who can read from the script.  In the past couple weeks I have been called into managements office because of what is now consider a job my skills and career goals don’t match up to.  In short I was told that if this job isn’t part of my career path I should resign.

Resigning is an option but in the state of Florida you don’t get unemployment for just walking off the job.  Also this company isn’t interested in me working there until I find something else.  I already see the moves being made to force me out.  Now there are some decisions that need to be made.  One is finding the proper position right away which I have a lot of help on and they understand my situation all to well.  I am getting some results and they are even looking for an interim position for me to wait out something better.  One interim position is now in the works.

The big decision is how long do I say at a place that I am not wanted.  I know what will happen if I stay to much longer.  Even though my stats have been at the high end of the scale not fitting into their plans makes the stats meaningless.  Should I try waiting it out or go before my work record is damaged.  How long do you stay at the wrong job?

New Beginnings

My life has taken a turn since last fall.  Back in August I left my employer of 12 years and moved on.  The current company I work for isn’t my long term home but it’s part of a larger journey.  Some feel and I used to feel this way that the desintation is the only thing that matters.  I was wong to think like that.

I found that the journey is just as important as the destination or goals.  You learn things along the journey that make you into a better person and prepare you for when you reach your destination.  I have a ways to go along my journey and I wil be taking the next step soon.  I look forward to the new adventures ahead.

Election Day 2012

At long last Election Day 2012 is here.  Today is the day we cast our votes and we see who will be running our country for the next four years.  After today no more campaign ads, phone calls and social networking war.  I got to admit that this election cycle was the worst I have ever seen.  In my opinion this whole thing has shown us how divided this country really is.  The two big ideologies the Liberals and Conservatives are at war with each other.  Once these groups that could work together now hate each other.

Election Day is today but I hate to say it the war will continue.

How to show your human qualities.

This year I have been on the job market again and it’s been an educational experience.  One issue I am having is how to explain me the person.  The big thing I am trying to do is to move to a much larger business than my previous employer.  That has been a problem but I am happy to say one that seems to be mostly solved.  The other is how to describe the last 18 months or so of my job life.  For the most part it’s been boring.  I haven’t had many complected issues to solve.  That kind of slowdown can cause some problems.  It does make you less sharp with your skills because practice makes perfect.

So my question is how to you convince staffing firms and human resource departments that I would like a position that might be a slight step back than what my resume and own knowledge and experience says I should do.  How do you tell them that I would like to get some more practice in to sharpen my slightly dull mind for I can operate once again at my optimum level.  I do have a lot more to learn and achieve in my career and maybe I need to take a small step back to make a giant step forward.  In other words need to work on my Mojo.

This is a concept that I learned in the Navy.  Remedial training was part of the program because skills not always in use gets dull after a while.  Training and retraining was the key to readiness.  What I want to do is like that.  Get back to the basics to make me ready for the career advancements ahead.  Microsoft also knows this because the first of the series of test you take for your network engineers certification is the basics on desktops.